Weather Games

Published On: July 24, 2023

On 25 May, Norse Group CEO Justin Galliford opened UK Cold Comfort’s ‘Weather Games’ launched by the Highway Magazine.

Norse was proud to support Cold Comfort UK by sponsoring the Weather Games event this year. Cold Comfort has been at the centre of the UK winter service sector and remains the only conference in the UK focused on delivering insight and best practices in the winter service sector.

The annual conference leads the debate on the winter service sector, providing the highway and transportation industry with the only specialist conference dedicated to winter services.

This year saw the first ‘Weather Games’, considered the first national highways resilience exercise – allowing public and private sector delegates to participate and prepare for extreme weather.

Senior local authority representatives and private sector contractors attended the event from across the UK. Norse were excited to sponsor the event, with CEO Justin Galliford providing the opening speech to the Weather Games on the second day.

With the UK seeing more extreme weather Justin Galliford reminded delegates how vital winter and extreme weather resilience services are and how the Group’s joint venture partnerships with local authorities can react, flex and redefine services during testing times for budgets and service provision.