Norse maintains services throughout COVID-19

Published On: October 2, 2020

The partnering arrangement which underpins Norse’s joint venture company, East Suffolk Norse Ltd, has risen to the challenges thrown up by COVID-19.

Delivering a wide range of services, worth over £24 million per annum, East Suffolk Norse provides waste collection, environmental services, fleet management, engineering, FM and property management for East Suffolk council and its communities.

The partnership model benefits proved fundamental to the continuity of key services, which would have been compromised during the lockdown under a typical contractual arrangement.

“The relationship is based on co-ownership and shared control of the company, very different to the traditional client/contractor dynamic,” Group Director Geoff Tucker explained.

“It has meant that the company was able to respond immediately and effectively when lockdown was announced, with no need for contract re-negotiation, and no need for variation charges. The company’s board worked with the authority to establish priorities and implement measures immediately to deal with the effects of the pandemic, and the resultant lockdown,” Tucker said.

Council members and officers were, and continue to be, directly involved at every step, working closely with the management team to ensure their residents’ needs have been met.

=””Click here for the full story on how Norse and East Suffolk Council provided continuity of service, handled social distancing and self-isolation and mitigated additional costs such as extra PPE during Lockdown