Norse helping to Nourish Norfolk

Published On: April 25, 2023

As a company committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, Norse Group has always placed emphasis on adding social value through its partnerships. In Norfolk, the group is working with Norfolk Community Foundation to help people struggling to access healthy, affordable food due to the increased costs.

Across the county, 17 food hubs provide people with a local place to buy affordable groceries and household essentials while helping them find long-term food security by accessing other support they may need.

As well as helping the charity maintain two mobile food hubs, Norse has helped establish a Norfolk food distribution warehouse based at its Headquarters in Norwich and has also offered its expertise in the logistics and administrative management of deliveries.

Norse Group CEO Justin Galliford said, “The relationship between Norse and Nourishing Norfolk shows the far-reaching benefits of partnership working: together, we can improve people’s lives.

“Norse has always believed in supporting local communities and having a social impact through all our local authority partnerships across the country. When I first heard about Nourishing Norfolk, I knew it was an immediate fit for our commitment to adding social value. Improve people’s lives is at the heart of our ethos and through partnership like this, I truly believe we can make a difference.”